The role of core competency of human resources in implement of electronic management

Applied study in the presidency of University of Diyala


  • م."احمد عباس حمادي
  • أ.م."محمود حسن جمعة
  • م."احمد سمير نايف


Core competency of human resources, Electronic management


From the early stages of its emergence and development, management witnessed serious discussions to deal with its human resources, and the core capabilities of these resources, which are (leadership ability, intellectual ability, self-management ability, and decision-making ability) are important topics in our contemporary environment that support the implementation of electronic management to become a competitive advantage The organizations are distinguished in order to fulfill several requirements which are (administrative requirements, technical requirements, human requirements, financial requirements, and security requirements). From here, this research aims to test the correlation and impact relationship between the fundamental ability of human resources in the researched university and the extent of application of electronic management and its requirements. The current research attempts to test the correlation and effect relationship between the core ability of human resources and electronic management by formulating two main correlation and influence hypotheses between the two variables of the research branched from eight hypotheses Sub-level and at the level of dimensions, and in order to obtain accurate numerical results, the SPSS program was used to reach the results by distributing the questionnaire to a random sample consisting of (55), and the research found that all hypotheses except Conflict and influence between the main and sub-variables are strong and have significant significance. The research recommended a number of recommendations, the most important of which are the necessity for the research university to define methods for building the essential capacity of the human resources working with it based on the results of performance evaluations, and to identify the effectiveness of any of these methods most influential, in order to Invest and generalize it.