The Extent of Integration of Academic Accreditation Requirements ‎in Accordance With Exploratory Factor analysis‎

A Case Study at the College of Administration and Economics / ‎University of Mosul


  • الباحث. مسعود عبد الستار يونس
  • د. عادل محمد عبد الله الطائي


academic accreditation‎, quality of services‎, educational‎, structural‎, specialized‎, documentation‎, societal‎, complementary requirements.‎


The research aims to study what are the critical factors that lead to the success of the academic accreditation requirements in the faculty (College of Management and Economics as a model) from the point of view of professors, associates and decision-makers and related to those requirements on the assumption that the application of academic accreditation requirements according to the numbered form 06 does not achieve the difference in the relative importance of factors Which assists in the application of these requirements, which confirms the contribution of the research in providing a simple guide and theoretical clarification supported by the practical application of each of the standards of academic accreditation at the college level.

The current research included 167 employees distributed between the teaching staff and staff in the various departments of the College of Management and Economics at Mosul University, who are related to the requirements of academic accreditation to identify the critical factors Critical to Accreditation, which represents the ability of the college to provide those requirements approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in terms of providing Requirements for scientific research, quality improvement, program accreditation, faculty, and scientific activities). Assuming that the College needs to apply the standards approved by the workshop to achieve local, regional and international integration and integration in the application of those standards in the field of higher education.