Digital business: the way for organizations to achieve the required competitiveness during the digital era

A theoretical study with reference to some successful global digital organizations


  • أ.د احسان دهش جلاب
  • م.م. مرتضى طعمه سلطان البخاتي


Digital transformation, Digitalization, Digital business


The existing literature sought to improve organizations’ understanding of the acceleration of their steps towards digital transformation, by developing a comprehensive picture of its nature and effects, through a theoretical review of the literature and studies related to digital business and a review of the work of (5) global digital organizations, a framework for digital transformation was built in a theoretical inductive manner that is expressed with a set of recommendations, the digital transformation framework emerges as a process in which digital technologies lead to transformations aimed at improving organizations’ response in achieving the required competitiveness by seeking to change value creation paths while managing structural changes and organizational barriers that affect the positive and negative outcomes of this process, however, as is the case with any emerging technology, there are major challenges related to what are the approaches that organizations adopt to keep pace with the digital transformation process and to have visions on ways to invest in digital businesses in order to reach the level of competitiveness required to achieve a prestigious position in the markets.