Ability of Applying The Requirements of E-Purchasing In National Company For The Manufacture Of Home Furniture in Mosul


  • Hiba M. Hussein Al-Ta’ay


This research aims to determine the ability of applying of e-purchasing in the public company the manufacture of ready-made Home Furniture in Mosul / this concept is acquiring a great interest of many researchers and others as well as industrial and service companies in developing countries especially those who are trying to meet the needs of customers in same time and adequate quality and at lowest cost , this concept differs from classical concept because it focuses on elimination of waste & increasing the speed of delivery of materials and levels, so the objective of this research is to produce theoretical frameworks for the companies in general and in specific about the concept of e-purchasing and its importance, the research reached some recommendation such as that the researched company have acceptable knowledge about this   concept, as well as the availability of requirements for its applying.