Morocco's Experience in Activating the Positive Relationship Between Tourism Planning and Sustainable Tourism Principles to Achieve Tourism Development


  • د. فضيلة بوطورة


Tourism; Tourism Planning; Sustainable Tourism Development; Sustainable Tourism; Morocco.


The study aimed to shed light on strategic plans in the tourism sector in Morocco, to know its role in achieving sustainable tourism development for the Kingdom, through the 2010 vision and the 2020 vision for the sector, which had a positive impact on the performance of this sector, and the study showed that tourism in Morocco contributes as the second sector in the Gross domestic product, as well as the second sector in terms of employment opportunities, and thus contribute to creating wealth and reducing unemployment, The study recommended to those in charge of the tourism sector in Morocco to take into account modern technological developments in the service of the sector, which improves working conditions in and encourages good practices in the field of sustainability.