Adopt ICT to develop e-learning infrastructure and upgrade the quality of higher education with digital transformation


  • الدكتورة. فضيلة بوطورة
  • الأستاذ الدكتور. نوفل سمايلي
  • الأستاذ المؤقت. علاء الدين الوافي


digital transformation, quality of higher education, e-education, Information and communication technology


This study aims to know the effective role of ICT in the development of e-learning infrastructure to improve the quality of higher education in the light of digital transformation and the study found that ICT reflects technology that integrates the computer with high-speed communication that connects uploaded data and audio and video between users for use in decision-making, The role of the use of ICT in improving the level of higher education is reflected in the trend towards the use of a fast and enjoyable means of providing a flexible learning environment e-learning is a system designed for educational purposes based on communication, networking and storage techniques (Computer), eliminates the limits of time and space units from the conditions of communication in the educational process, Education plays a significant role in achieving the quality of higher education by contributing to the achievement of quality and quality standards in the learning and learning process and accommodating the increasing developments in knowledge and also offers educational opportunities to as many individuals as possible, as well as the ability to rapidly develop and change online curricula and programs in line with the Ministry's plans and the requirements of the times without heavy costs and, finally, the study recommended that Algerian universities should adopt information and communication technology in view of the active role played in developing e-learning infrastructure and upgrading the quality of higher education in the light of today's accelerated technological developments, and the need for most actors to conduct formative and training courses on modern technologies to help them keep abreast of the rapid wave of technological developments.