Impact of information technology on the efficiency of banking service

applied research in private commercial banks


  • اكتفاء رحيم محسن
  • زينب حميد


technology, information, administrative characteristics, convenience characteristics, security and safety characteristics, banking service


     This research aimed to identify some of the characteristics of the technical environment and information technology (administrative characteristics, convenience characteristics, security and safety characteristics) and measure the efficiency of the banking service in private commercial banks. And they were distributed on the research sample, which numbered (20) forms, and the researcher used the statistical analysis program (SPSS) to analyze the data and test the hypotheses.

The research also reached a number of conclusions, the most important of which are:                                                                                                                

Existence of controls aimed at protecting the assets of the research sample bank and ensuring the accuracy of data and information that help reduce the occurrence of errors and adherence to the established regulations and controls and enhance the sense of follow-up and accountability to achieve the objectives of the institution of the research sample bank.