Digital marketing and its impact on consumer behavior and purchase through social media


  • د. بلال جاسم صالح القيسي
  • د. سعد علي ريحان المحمدي
  • د. علي ثامر علي العبادي


digital marketing, consumer behavior, social media


     The rapid development of information and communication technology today has led to the emergence of innovations and changes in human life and behavior. Social media that entered our lives with Web 2.0 technology has energized consumers, unlike traditional Web 1.0-based media tools such as radio and television, thus consumers are in a position to Stronger than before, thanks to the opportunity of two-way communication, which is the biggest innovation provided by social media, people began to better meet their needs and desires, and thus the number of users in the world increased rapidly. During the renewal of its existing applications, thanks to its new applications and rich features, it has better responded to the requirements and needs of consumers and thus succeeded in becoming a part of their lives.

    Questionnaires prepared on this topic The survey which includes a combination of paragraphs on digital marketing, consumer behavior before and after purchase along with demographics, has been prepared using Google classroom documents site An attempt was made to prevent geographic bias by publishing the survey form link online Via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and email. The questionnaire was applied to a group of (864) respondents, and the most prominent hypotheses were (the level of consumer activity in social media plays an effective role in post-purchase behaviors according to the category), social media usage data will be examined, consumer behaviors examined, and factors investigated. that affect consumer behavior and factors that affect consumer behavior and the impact of social media on consumer behavior, and the results of the questionnaire applied to the effects of social media marketing on consumer behavior and purchase were analyzed, and important facts were reached that can be summarized that the common audience attaches importance to websites Sharing media like Instagram and social networking sites like Facebook, these apps are preferred more than other social media tools, and social media channels are followed instantly, especially from 14-30 years old, it will be very helpful for businesses to promote their products and services through these Channels, 25% say they share on social media. The results show that the consumer shares this with other consumers. If they are not satisfied with the relevant service or product, they will talk to twice as many about their bad experience with the product via social media platforms. Now consumers, 75% of respondents will post their dissatisfaction on social media platforms. They are in a stronger position to influence each other in pre-purchase, pre-purchase and post-purchase decisions.