Enabling leadership and its role in improving marketing performance

An exploratory study in the Kufa Cement Factory


  • أ.م.د. ميادة حياوي مهدي
  • أ.م.د. ضرغام علي مسلم العميدي
  • م.د.رزاق مخور داود الغراوي


enabling leadership, marketing performance, Kufa cement factory


     The purpose of the research is to show the concept of enabling leadership through the impact of its three dimensions (learning, adaptation, innovation), on the dimensions of marketing performance represented by (market share, customer satisfaction, customer retention), and the survey and analysis of the questionnaire were adopted for this purpose. Where (60) questionnaire forms were distributed to the managers working in the Kufa Cement Factory, which is one of the industrial factories active in the markets, and after analyzing the data for the responses of the research sample and testing the hypotheses using a number of statistical indicators with the help of the statistical program (SPSS v.23). The approved hypotheses were validated. Accordingly, a set of conclusions and recommendations were developed according to the important positive relationship between the dimensions of enabling leadership and marketing performance to varying degrees.